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The new Gearless motors in LEROY-SOMER’s XA range are high-performance solutions for machine roomless applications.

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Motors for electric vehicles

In applications for battery voltages beteen 24 and 450 V, several technologies are used such as asynchronous motors with frequency inverters, or more recently permanent magnet synchronous motors.

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Industry : Solutions tailored to your needs

Leroy-Somer has been present wherever people have needed to produce electricity and transmit movement. With this wealth of acquired experience, our engineers and technicians are able to offer you reliable, innovative solutions for a wide range of applications, in all types of industry.Read more ›

Varmeca variable speed motor installation at Thames Water leads to energy savings

“The new system increases the efficiency of the pump by removing the poor mechanical efficiency while retaining the volumetric efficiency. We are confident that we will see an approximate ten per cent reduction in energy costs by the use of the new system ...”Read more ›

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